Readiness For Aggression From Iran - By Mark Esper

From a press briefing at the Pentagon:

How Do You Practice Shooting With Multiple Weapons? 

"The American people should know, that their safety is in the hands of the strongest, most capable military in the world. 

The men and women of our armed forces should know that we are standing with them, and will continue to support them as they meet and overcome today's threats from malign actors, including Iran and its proxy militia." ~ Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

The Effect Of Public Discord During Dangerous International Conflict

In regards to the response to Iran, anything that is said publicly, by anybody, to malign the President, show opposition to killing of known terrorists, or to show opposition to forceful protection of America's interests abroad, is taking a position against the men and women in uniform that put their lives on the line.

As to the usual players in the U.S. Congress, predictably, they want a full congressional discussion about every strategy before the president orders a strike. 

So terrorists can know we are coming and take evasive action.

Traitorous Action With A Political Face

The usual players in the U.S. Congress are as surely traitors as any that have ever been pursued by the U.S. for high crimes against the country. And getting away with it as elected Representatives who wave the Constitution around as though they care anything about it.

There is not a Democrat in Congress, not a Democrat running for president, that is anything more than a face, representing voters who are hell-bent on giving away their freedoms.

Freedoms bought by those who went before and died to secure them.

And those who continue to put their lives on the line to keep them.