Warm Weather Concealed Carry Products

hot summer concealed carry
You can be sure, the companies linked to on the CGO site are businesses I use and trust. For some reason, people have a tendency to not believe that Amazon is the biggest source of gun accessories on earth. It is.

No need to look for summer concealed carry products forever. They're right there below.

Using one or two of the concealed carry items below will allow anybody to go armed 100% of the time during warm weather.

small galco iwb concealed carry holster
Galco Inside The Waistband Holsters: Galco made the holster most often showed on my web site. Doesn't mean it's the one for everybody but I've used Galco for the majority of my belt or iwb holster needs. No regrets. Go armed all summer with Galco IWB.

MIlt Sparks IWB holster
Milt Sparks Inside The Waistband Holsters: Milt Sparks makes high custom quality holsters at production prices. They now have one of the most extensive line of IWB holsters of any company.

Fobus Ankle Holster  For  A Small Revolver
Fobus Ankle Holster For Small Revolver (J Frame): Fobus makes the ankle holster for small revolvers that I've used for over 3 years at this writing. It works in any weather with jeans, workout pants, or any other light pants. Go armed 100% of the time.

Desantis concealed carry ankle holster
Desantis Concealed Carry Ankle Holster Band: There is no ankle holster more efficient, or lighter. It consists of the band with small handgun pocket and strap. Eliminates "rocking" common in other ankle holsters. Great for warm weather clothing options. Available for several handgun models.

concealed carry purse
Concealed Carry Handbags And Purses: Most women carry purses of all sizes. That means there is no reason for them to go unarmed in any weather. Concealed carry purses now come in all sizes and styles.

Fanny pack concealed carry holster
Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Holsters: Yeah I don't much like the name either. But they remain one of the most efficient and effective means of concealed carry in warm weather.

Galco  Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster
Galco Underwraps Belly Band Holster: These belly band concealed carry holsters by Galco are not only highly efficient and effective. They carry the confidence and quality of the Galco name.

Concealed Carry  Holster Shirt
Concealed Carry Holster Shirts: Worn like a t-shirt, these high quality, durable and effective concealed undershirts allow concealed carry just about anywhere. Allows secure carry of two handguns under the arms.

Whatever your concealed carry needs for summer warm weather, you can find it through the links above. If you have everything you need, it would be appreciated if you'd pass this page on to somebody who needs some concealed carry items.

You can save them a lot of time and frustration while giving a little boost to the CGO site. Photobucket