Taurus PT-709 Slim

by Mike (Guest Author)

I purchased a stainless steel Taurus 709 Slim a few weeks ago and was extremely pleased about this latest addition to my collection. As I am waiting on my CCW to get processed, I've had a good opportunity to carry concealed at home. Working inside, outside, employing many different styles of carry from in the pocket, in the belt, etc. This pistol carrys very well in all fashions. Since most all my jeans are cargo style, fitting the pistol in the front pocket is very do-able and a long shirt seals the deal. No print, no matter how I carried it. I'm 6', 150lb so my lean frame can make it challenging to carry without printing. It did not make mobility an issue or inhibit my movement, or make me change the way I did certain tasks.

Now, here's the explanation about my selection criteria: 1. Wanted a small, concealable pistol. 2. Wanted a safety conscious design 3. Wanted a caliber that is easily found, and is effective. I narrowed it to the Kel-tec PF-9 and the Taurus Millenium pro in 9mm. I read so many reviews my eyes hurt. The Kel-Tec seemed to have a breaking in process, kinda bit the hand regarding recoil, only came with one magazine, and I wasn't thrilled about getting shims to adjust the sights. The Millenium Pro was very nice, but still kinda thick. And, having three generations, wasn't very comforted that they took three times to get it right.

The Taurus 709 Slim is sweet. It is just a hair bigger than the PF-9. A trigger safety (like GLOCK) was added before it was released and that I like. It has the normal safety on the side of the slide, which was rounded as well. The feed ramp was polished, kinda looks chromed which makes for smooth loading. Recoil was easily managed, trigger pull is smooth, not too long and the trigger break is short and sweet. You notice a little change in the trigger pull once you reach the onset of the actual trigger break, which allows for greater trigger control. First magazine shot dead center, but 6 inches low at 10 yds. Tight group. Adjusted for second magazine, 2 inches low; Adjusted, third magazine, and the cheshire cat was just a grinnin'!! Freehand, no rest, took my time, kept a consistent, firm grip and squeezed. I was very impressed with the grouping. It cycled smoothly, returned back on target very naturally. With the adjustable 3-dot sights, I easily acquired a steady sight picture. Taurus changed the grip (in addition to the trigger) from the original introduction earlier this year. I was kinda concerned with the fact my pinky finger was left hanging there, (no extension on mag) but it didn't afffect my overall ability to control the shot, recoil and re-acquisition. The memory pads on the sides are very useful in making the grip very comfortable yet consistent. A slip-on grip could be the icing on the cake. I have an Uncle Mike's sidekick holster (size 15) and it fits like a glove. It came with two 7-shot mags, sight adjuster and lock key.

If you have the chance to purchase this as a conceal carry pistol, you will be making a smart purchase and a wise investment. Spend the little extra for the stainless steel. I haven't had my wife shoot it yet, but I will encourage her to opine here for the ladies. This pistol is a smooth operator, a comfortable carry and well worth the $350 that was paid for it. In doing as much research as I have in the past two months to select my firearm for protection, I was well served in this selection. Loaded with Hornady Critical Defense rounds, the comfortable weight, balance and feel of this pistol will make you forget you're carrying it. But it makes you feel confident every time you do carry it.


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