Taurus PT101 Review

by Richard (Guest Author)

It has been many many years since I have owned a Taurus handgun. I remember back then how a couple of friends and other shooters would look down their noses at it and kind of have that "well, if that's all you can afford" attitude. The guns, in my opinion, were always well made and perfectly reliable. However I gave into pressure, sold it and bought a "real gun".

About a year ago I decided to try another Taurus, a compact 9mm and found it to be every bit the quality I remembered...excellent.

Moving along to the present, I have always loved the look and style of the PT clone of the Beretta. Having been made aware that Academy Sports had the Taurus PT101 .40 caliber on sale for the crazy price of $299, I went, I looked, I bought.

When I got it home, I gave it a quick once over, cleaned off the grease, ran a patch through the bore and put a couple of drops of oil along the slide rails. Checking the gun over shows that it is well fitted and working the slide is glassy smooth. Barrel length is 5" and weighs 34oz empty.

You have several options for carry...you can de-cock the hammer by thumbing the safety lever all the way down and carry it chambered, hammer down, off safe for a first double action shot. You can also keep the safety on, then thumb it off with and have a first double action shot. If you are a 1911 fan (I love them) then you can also carry cocked and locked which is the hammer cocked, safety on with a first shot being single action.

Now we come to the one complaint I have. The capacity if 16+1 for a total of 17 rounds. I can load the magazine with 15 rounds...no matter how hard I try, I cannot in any way get that 16th round in the magazine. I can live with that, I normally leave magazines downloaded by one anyways, but if you like a completely full magazine it is something to consider.

Finally off to the range. We now have a little over 200 rounds through it...zero malfunctions. The gun is plenty accurate. I don't shoot much for the bullseye so I cannot tell you how tight the groups can be. I can say that at 50 feet, it will easily keep all shots in the 10 ring. The sights are adjustable 3 dot and seem to be well adjusted out of the box, no adjustments needed.

The double action pull is long but smooth ... stacks a little towards the end. Single action has some take up then a nice clean break. Recoil is very manageable. Today the trend is towards guns as compact as possible even in larger calibers. The Taurus PT101 is anything but small...it is big, wide and heavy. This means that in 40 caliber, the recoil does not snap or kick...it is more of a "push" and really cushions the recoil. Even new shooters should be able to handle it very easily and not be scared off by the kick. My wife (experienced shooter) prefers 9mm in larger guns as she is not a fan of heavy recoil. She was hesitant about trying the 40, but absolutely loved it and found The Taurus PT101 just as easy to control as her Ruger P95 ... and thought the trigger was a little easier and smoother than her beloved Ruger.

Can it be carried concealed? Of course. Right now the weather is cold, so I have been carrying it IWB under a slightly over sized shirt and my jacket. It disappears easily this way and although you know it's there, it is not at all uncomfortable. On warmer days, it still hides well without the coat. I wear an over sized t-shirt, a button down shirt (left unbuttoned) and still carry IWB. Very concealable this way, although you probably should be careful at the store when bending down to get something off the bottom shelf...make sure it stays covered. Nowhere near as easily carried as one of the pocket pistols, but quite doable with just a little effort.

The Taurus PT101 is truly a pistol that is worth far more than the asking price. If you can get it for 299, great. If that sale ends and you have to pay the more .... still a great deal. This is one that is not just "good for the price". It is actually an excellent gun at full price and easily rivals more expensive guns.

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Sep 17, 2012
Lula NEW
by: Feeling Lucky

If you don't have a Lula, get one.

About a year ago Academy went under new ownership; which proably has nothing what so ever to do with the discontinuing the super deal they had on the PT101, in fact they don't even carry the PT 101 in stock for the last year plus that I have checked on a regular basis, they do carry the PT92(9mm)for around $530.00 (Like to have one to match my PT101). I was lucky a friend needed the money and sold me his new from Academy (For 300 no tax) with all paper work; just before they ran out of them the first time, they got another batch sold them and haven't had any since. I wish I had purchased several more when they still had them. I've put around 150 rounds thru it and am happy with the way it shoots. I called Academy again this morning and they said they didn't have it in the computer, but said keep calling they may get them again. Hey, that makes me to want to hold my breath till, ah, forever? God bless you

Jan 22, 2011
Try the uplula loader
by: Anonymous

I couldn't get 16 rounds in the magazine until I bought an uplula mag loader. Now 16 rounds go in easily.

Jan 19, 2011
shoots left
by: Anonymous

Iam going to send mine back to Taurus, shoots way left, the sight blade is all the way,as far as it will go still shoots to the left.

Jul 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

I also took the $299 special last year and shot about 50 rounds with out any issue. Not up the fit and finish of the Beretta but I would say 99% as good. Yes, I would buy again.

Mar 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

Just purchased mine a few days ago, did all simliar prep; clean the grease, oil the slide rails, etc. I used to have a stainless 92fs beretta and too used to think that these were just something you could "afford". After cleaning it i started jackin with the action and safety mechanisms; very clean gun and definitely well put together. Pretty much the only difference between my beretta and this gun is that this one is black and my other was stainless. However I have been able to get 16 in the mags, takes a bit of a hemorhoid induced shove but itll go. Now the gun wasnt a big fan of loading the clip with the slide closed; it wants you to put the first round down the pipe. All in all def worth the 299 @ academy. I walked in there looking for 45 ammo just happened to see it in the case and blamo she road home with me; my friend bought one as well.

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