Taurus 709 Slim and Hellcat .380 By Joe the Barber

by Joe The Barber
(Grand Forks , ND)

Taurus 709 Slim and IO Hellcat .380

Taurus 709 Slim and IO Hellcat .380

I'm a Barber by trade. I had a shop in Riverside California for thirteen years in one of the worst areas imaginable. I now have a shop in my hometown of Grand Forks North Dakota. A big change for sure. I carried a .380 Makarov for almost ten years in California, loaded with the best self defense ammo I could find. The .380 Makarov is incredibly accurate with almost no recoil. It is light and easily concealed in a pocket or inside waistband. I introduced at least a dozen friends to the fun of shooting with that gun. They were all ANTI gun when I met them. California brainwashes its youth into thinking guns are BAD and only BAD people have guns. I did my very best to re-educate them though.

I now carry a Glock 23 on a daily basis in a Fobus plastic holster. My glock is carried HOT (locked and cocked) in this holster. You have to push the button on the side of the holster to remove the gun from the holster so the weapon cannot accidentally fall out or be taken from you easily. THIS IS THE BEST WEAPON CARRY COMBO I OWN. Thirteen rounds of 180 grain hollow point is all the power I can ever see myself needing. I use the same ammo as the local police use but I would use any of the recommended self defense brands.

I also carry a .380 Hellcat made by IO in my shirt pocket or my jeans. This gun can be carried in your summer shorts or khakis. It is VERY SMALL. I bought this gun for $220 online and that includes taxes and shipping. I've put 200 rounds through it without a problem. Its more accurate than I thought it would be and once again loaded with good ammo I am confident of its stopping power.

Another good carry option is my Charter Mag Pug .357 magnum. It has a 2 inch barrel and is incredibly light. With 5 shots of .357 magnum it has plenty of power but I find it to only be accurate up to about 15 feet. It can be cocked and fired or you only have to pull the trigger to cycle a round. I find the handle of this revolver makes it less comfortable to carry in my waist band where the semi autos don't have this problem.

Recently I purchased a Taurus 709 Slim in 9mm. This gun is the perfect combination of power and size. It allows me to shoot the 9mm round which is a leg up from the .380 ACP and the gun is very light, slim and small for being a 9mm. I carry my Taurus Slim in my jeans front pocket or a breast jacket pocket or a holster in my waistband. The Taurus Slim has been a big surprise for me in how much I like it. If I just can't have my Glock I still feel well armed carrying the Slim. There is now a Slim in .40 S&W and I'm considering picking one up. Just for the record every Taurus I've ever fired has worked perfectly with NO problems.

So to wrap it up. I carry
1-Glock 23 in Fobus holster .40 S&W
2-Makarov .380
3-.380 Hellcat
4-Charter MagPug .357 Magnum 2.5 revolver
5-Taurus 709 slim 9mm

My advice to all of you is to stay armed, stay alert, practice gun safety at ALL times, don't get into an altercation if you don't have to, be the bigger man by walking away if you are able, and involve and educate your friends in shooting and taking shooting and firearm classes

Joe the Barber

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