After Texas Church Shooting - Leaders Shamefully Deflect Responsibility For Improved Security

Shameful Shirking Of Responsibility

Attempts to deflect focus from the church shooting in Texas by people who should be concentrating on keeping crowds of people safe is telling about their lack of ability to cope with their responsibility. 

People keep dying in churches, among other locations where people gather in numbers. 

But this focus is on churches. 

People keep getting shot and killed.

Church leaders, through blogs, forums, social media, and worst, their pulpits, keep deflecting their responsibility with spiritual diatribe that does nothing to protect their congregations. 

My Commitment:

This time the focus will remain until not one church in America escapes the spotlight of providing sufficient security for their crowds. 

The "reason" for these maniacal killings is not the point, nor will any further discussion of it stop it in the future.

It's been being discussed for 35 years. 

Action is what will work to keep bodies from piling up in church foyers, hallways, and sanctuaries.

It's not complicated, but it is necessary. 

Church Leaders, you don't want this to happen on your watch.



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