You are aware of (thinking about) your environment and have mentally and visually considered your destination before proceeding.

Now, what are you hearing? You can’t see around every corner or vehicle. You can’t see well in the dark. You’ve done everything you can to secure your environment except one thing.


What you can’t see up ahead, see behind you, or see approaching from a blind may be able to hear. Listen for the skidding sound of a shoe sole briefly sliding across concrete.

Listen for the change of sound near an air vent when somebody crosses in front of it.

Listen for the slight movement of clothes or change jingling.

Listen for the light rustling of leaves or brush.

Listen for the tell tale sign of strangers near a house - dogs barking.

Any sound or change in sound you are hearing could signal the approach of an assailant or a vicious animal.

In review at this point on our discussion of self defense, you are aware of (thinking about) where you are, looking for signs of trouble, and listening for any hint of movement that may signal you to turn, move laterally, or run.

When an individual approaches you from the front, it may be a diversion from the one who is set to approach you from behind. After you have done everything else and proceeded to your destination, your hearing can save your life.

To this point, we have mainly just discussed the use of our senses in avoiding confrontation. Avoidance of confrontation and assault should be anyone’s primary form of self defense unless they are law enforcement personnel.

Being able to escape is the best way to keep you and your family safe and is self defense in it’s truest form.

Unfortunately, people looking for self defense articles and products often have a mental image of going toe to toe with the bad guys. Knowing how to fight and carrying appropriate protective devices for self defense is fine.

I am an advocate of private citizens being able to physically defend themselves from any actual assault.

That said, avoidance is true self defense in it’s purest form. There is a multitude of advantages in avoiding or escaping physical confrontation. That includes the physical harm or death that can result in your standing to fight (regardless of how well armed you are).

That's not even considering and the legal ramifications that can leave a victim looking like a criminal in the eyes of the police and legal system.

Using your senses, including the sense of hearing, you will have ample opportunity to avoid or escape confrontation with an assailant most of the time.

Think, look, and listen, will keep you safe from harm and danger the majority of the time.