Ruger P95 PR with Manual Safety

by Ken Roth (Guest Author)
(Clive, Iowa, USA)

I hadn't shot much since the 1970's, when I worked for the National Guard and had access to a 22, 38, and 45, plus all the ammunition I could shoot at the armory indoor pistol range. I am now in my 60's.

Recently, a member of our church small group, invited me to accompany him to a local range. Mark brought his Glocks in 40S&W and 45 ACP, and a Baretta in 380. Much of the "old" training came back and I felt pretty good about the days target busting.

Mark also told me about concealed carry, and self defense. What I read convinced me I should become active again and the first step was to buy a handgun for self defense and work for concealed carry also.

After researching online, asking questions of anyone that would listen, and visiting gun shops in Iowa and Minnesota, I settled on a lightly used Ruger P95 PR in 9mm.

This pistol comes in several configurations, including DAO, a de-cocker and manual safety model. I heard the virtues of the DAO gun for rapid deployment, but with the "don't pull the trigger" safety, felt I wanted more so decided on the manual safely model.

I have about 350 rounds through the gun and have no complaints.

I shot a bullseye target at 25 yards, two hand standing the first time I was at the range. All but a handful of the 60 or so rounds I shot were in about a 6 inch group. These were all aimed shots, usually 5 shots at a time, most in quick but not rapid fire mode.

I shot an IDPA style match with the gun and was satisfied with it's handling, performance and reliability. The P-95 points well and the recoil from the 4.5 inch barrel is easily managed. I did have "trouble" with the manual safety and the magazine release during the competition. I engaged the first target without releasing the safety, and during a tactical reload, the magazine didn't drop free of the frame. The safety issue is a simple learning skill. I could carry the P95 with one in the pipe, the safely off, I'd have a DAO gun. The P-95 trigger pull in DA is sufficient to prevent an accidental discharge. I have not had another magazine hang up in the frame, but it is easily cleared if it does happen again.

I let a friend shoot the Ruger P95 and he had a couple stove-pipes. He wasn't locking his arms to control recoil. After a quick coaching session, we didn't have a repeat of the stove-pipe.

The gun field strips easily and quickly. The rear sight is adjustable for windage only. The safely is accessible from either side of the gun. The M1911 action is smooth, the slide running on metal rails in the polymer frame. The gun is compact so will work for concealed carry. It comes in a nice plastic case, with two magazines and a loader that really works.

Bottom line is I like the P95, it was less than $300 and it shots reliably. Good enough for me.

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