Ruger LCP .380

by Steve K.

Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol)

Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol)

I have had my concealed firearm permit for several years since I used to do security work and was armed occasionally after 9/11. I have not personally owned a handgun until recently. My wife just got her concealed firearms permit this spring and in shopping around for affordable, easily concealable handguns we found the Ruger LCP.

We each own one now and have found them to be very reliable and "gutsy" for such a small weapon. We have purchased other Rugers (P95 9mm, 22/45, Mark II) but they are sized more for open carry. The LCP, which comes in .380 Auto, is a perfect pocket/purse pistol.

Granted, it isn't the most powerful gun you can carry, but if things get up-close and personal I expect 6 quick rounds from the LCP could accomplish a lot. Accuracy is another trade-off with the 2.75" barrel and low-profile sights. With practice I'm sure we'll be able to achieve acceptable combat accuracy within 20-30 yards.

Again, one of our concerns was affordability. There are many great small guns out there that cost $500 to $800. The LCPs we have cost us $280 and $325 brand new. We are very content and confident with our purchases and enjoy shooting every chance we get.

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