Rossi .357 Magnum

by Hank Graham
(Columbus, Ohio)

Rossi .357 Magnum

Rossi .357 Magnum

In a world of polymer framed auto loaders, I guess I'm sort of a throwback. Of the several handguns I own, both revolver and autos, my caliber for daily carry is the tried and true .357, and the weapon I choose to carry is a Rossi model 462 .357 magnum (2", 6-shot SS snubbie), which I have affectionately named "Marvin".

Now I can hear all of the groaning from The Rossi "bashers", but I have carried this gun for the last 4 years or so and have fired approximately 1000 rounds of various loads (including .38 special, .38 special+p, and full house .357 magnum without a single breakage or malfunction. I have heard a number of complaints concerning the quality of Rossi firearms, but this gun has served me faithfully, and it is not babied.

The Rossi .357 magnum goes with me everywhere - fishing, hunting, camping, on my motorcycle and has seen its share of rain, mud and taking a dip when I fell in the water during a fishing trip. With just a routine cleaning and lube, it's always ready for more, and the finish is as good as it was the day I bought it.

I'm not concerned about lack of fire power as I always carry two reloads and with plenty of practice, I can reload almost as quickly as the average guy with an auto loader. I put as much faith in this gun as any S&W or Ruger owner does.

The Rossi .357 magnum revolver is carried either in my Don Hume belt slide or a Galco paddle holster. It's a combination that has served me well. The snubbie is easy to conceal and allows me to carry a "full power" weapon with no problem. On occasion and when my mode of dress dictates, I carry it in a an Uncle Mikes ankle holster. For me, it's truly an all around gun.

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Apr 03, 2015
Rossi .357 magnum NEW
by: Anonymous

Rossi .357 magnum is the most powerful weapon and one should be very careful in handling the weapon. Person using this weapon should be properly trained essay writing services review by a trainer and using it also safe firing range.

Mar 27, 2015
miss my .357! NEW
by: norm w

About 6 years ago I needed some quick cash, and sold my Rossi .357 stainless to a friend. Had seller's remorse ever since, so I'm gonna get another. Sweet gun, esp. with rubber grips. Being able to shoot .38 ammo at the range is a plus, along with the option of .38+P hollow points or .357 for defensive purposes. Its Taurus brother is also a good gun, and costs are similar.

Mar 26, 2015
Fixed Chamber lock-up issue NEW
by: Anonymous

Just found this site. Some very nice reviews. I bought a 6in. SS 357 about 2 years ago. Loved the look and feel of the gun. Problem I had started from the first time I shot it. While shooting in double action the trigger would seem to lock up. I found if I barely pulled back on the hammer it would free up and work. I oiled it, cleaned it but nothing helped it. I ended up not shooting it much. I was going to have it sent back but never did. Finally one day, about 2 months ago, I decided to open it up, what could go wrong. Well when I removed the plate the long spring that I guess move the hammer block fell out. I sprayed everything inside with remoil and then put the spring back and closed her up. It's as smooth as butter now. It's now probably my favorite pistol to shoot. I think that spring was not sitting in it's correct position and was binding up. Swwet guns

Mar 17, 2015
grips NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking for rubber grips for a Rossi M971 357. Any sources or product numbers? Thanks...Jim in Va.

Mar 14, 2015
Rossi 461/462 holsters NEW
by: Greyson

Mike B,

Both Simply Rugged and Theis Holsters have offerings specifically for the Rossi 461/462. Simply Rugged makes leather holsters and Theis makes hybrid (kydex body with leather backing). If those don't interest you, then I would look at offerings for the Colt D frame (Detective Special, Agent, Diamondback, etc).

I do not know the exact diameter of the Rossi (I'm trying to find that info myself), but it is larger than the S&W J frame and smaller than the S&W K frame. Since the J frame is 1.31" across the cylinder and the K frame is 1.446" across, the 1.42" cylinder width if the D frame is probably closest.

Finding holsters or other info on these less popular guns can take a little looking, but it is out there. Don't lose hope.

Mar 07, 2015
What the heck size frame for a holster fit NEW
by: Mike B

I have visited HUNDREDS of sites and I have to say i am getting a little po'd . makes no sense that Rossie and Taurus do not answer me and no holster site will answer me (I think cause they just don't care)

i have two Holsters here and both are worn so I cannot see a sz number on them and they are both for my Rossi 44 special. MY brand spanking new Rossi 462 has no holster yet and it;s making me a little angry that I cannot get a straight answer for a CC in the waist band small of the back holster sz for it.
My M720 Rossi ( the .44) = I have two outside the waist band Holsters for. My 720 is a 3" barrel. One of my holsters will fit the 462 Rossi. the other will not. and that is because the 357 has a hammer and my 44 does not. also there is a 1" gap but it does fit.

i want to order a kaldex inside the waist band small of the back dual clip and i cant find if this 462 is a j frame or K frame.

does anyone here know?

Feb 25, 2015
Super gun NEW
by: Henrique

The design of this gun is pretty amazing. It is very easy to handle and the long grip will provide a powerful grip. Its body is made of stainless steel and I would like to know the price of this gun. perch fishing lake erie

Jan 27, 2015
.357 ammo NEW
by: H8 2 miss

Been using 110 gr. Win. sjhp .357 ammo in this snubbie. I shot some of the heavy personal defense ammo, but it about broke the nuckle on the middle finger of my right hand! I really like the 110 grain sjhp. Very comfortable to shoot.

Jan 26, 2015
Ditto NEW
by: Norm

Agreed; I sold my Rossi stainless .357 several years ago when I needed $300, and I've regretted it to this day, and plan to get another. I miss it like my last girlfriend! In stainless 2-in. barrel and rubber grips & not overly heavy, this gun is just right for me, a 5'9", 155 lb. guy with med. sized hands. I bought a .380 Bersa Thunder and like it too, but that's another story for another time. Cheers to all.

Jan 26, 2015
Ditto NEW
by: Norm

Agreed; I sold my Rossi stainless .357 several years ago when I needed $300, and I've regretted it to this day, and plan to get another. I miss it like my last girlfriend! In stainless 2-in. barrel and rubber grips & not overly heavy, this gun is just right for me, a 5'9", 155 lb. guy with med. sized hands. I bought a .380 Bersa Thunder and like it too, but that's another story for another time. Cheers to all.

Jan 20, 2015
Whatt S&W used to Build NEW
by: Anonymous

Rossi and Taurus are what S&W used to build. And without that damn Clinton side lock that I and many others hate. If Smith was smart, they would get rid of that thing.

Dec 29, 2014
best revolver, period NEW
by: H8 2 Miss

This is truly a GREAT gun. I like shooting .38 158 gr.jacketed lead (soft) hollow points the best. I have hit the 'gong" at the local range at 50 yards. I did paint the front sight with some $1.00 bright orange nail polish I purchased at Walgreens pharmacy. A bit heavy to pocket carry. Would be interested in any suggestions for a good retention kydex belt holster. Great Gun with plenty of firepower.

Aug 14, 2014
The best ever NEW
by: Jimmy

I own Rossi 357 magnum model 462 6 shot and would put it up with any hand gun on the market. I carry it with me where ever I go and would count on it to be ready for me ant time that I needed it. This is a very good hand gun.

Mar 07, 2013
Rossi 357 NEW
by: Anonymous

About 4 years ago I bought a blue Taurus 38 special 7 shot snub revolver. i thought it was unique being a 7 shot. I shot around 1000 rounds thro it with out a problem. And then it and my ruger security six 6" 357 ss were stolen when my house was broken into. I went a little while with out any guns untill about a week ago when I couldn't take it any longer. I shopped around a little and the only thing I could find that I liked and was a reasonable price was a rossi 357 6" SS model 972. I love the look and feel to it, I'm hoping its as dependable as the 38 I had. I've only shot about 24 rounds thro it so far, but that's only because nobody has any ammo around here. I guess everywhere is sold out because everyone is afraid that the prez is gonna take our guns away. I've been several places and I've only found 2 boxes.

Mar 05, 2013
The .357 Mag NEW
by: Straight shooter

I had a stainless snubby .38 Spl Rossi for many years that cycled at least 500 rounds at the range with great accuracy. Dad wanted a gun for protection so he got my Rossi .38 Spl. I recently added a 6" stainless Rossi in .357 Mag after doing maybe 40+ hours of comparisons over several weeks online and looking at inventory at various gun shops.
You just can't find a better bang for your buck than the Rossi or Taurus models and they are comparable. I wanted a medium frame, lighter weight .357 Mag and Rossi was the right fit for the right price. Gonna pump a few hundred rounds through it soon. These are good plinkers (less expensive ammo)and accurate and affordable.

Plus, the .357 Magnums are "Dirty Harry" approved. Ha-ha-ha!

Feb 16, 2013
you are right sir NEW
by: plumblazy

I agree, i have been a rossi guy since the mid 90s when there revolvers were quite ugly. have owned 10 rossi s from lady rossi subbies to the .357 you have. never a problem with any of them. as good as a taurus in my book, who owns rossi by the way.

Jan 23, 2013
love it NEW
by: Crusader Rabbit

Bought the Rossi snubbie but sold it to a friend when the trigger guard bit my middle finger middle knuckle. Painfully bruised it. Just an unfortunate size match. But I loved the gun.

So, I bought its bigger brother--a s/s 4" ported unit. I put some new grips on it and it has become a favorite carry gun in a cross-draw pancake holster. Very accurate. Never experienced a failure. I love this gun. It shoots exactly where I point without my needing to rely on the sites.

This year, I decided to treat myself to a birthday present. I don't want to get rid of the gun, so I am having a master engraver do some fancy work on it. It will include my initials. This Rossi is a lifetime gun.

Dec 13, 2012
accurate NEW
by: J

I have a 9mm, 2 380's and a 45, I recently bought the 357 Rossi 3inch barrel shooting 38 special out of it. Because it is so accurate more than my other hand guns, I now own 2 357 Rossi 3 inch barrels.

May 20, 2012
1988 4" blued full lug 357 NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought my Rossi 4" blued, full lug 357 in 1988 new for $149 on sale. I'm a rifleman and trout fisherman primarily but wanted a pack/fishing gun. (I had a heck of a grizzly scare some years before while filling my canteen with my 300 Winchester leaning against an ASPEN in WYO.) I carried it in a BIANCHI nylon holster velcro strapped to the weak side high on my hunting/overnight pack, GI style. It fit well without the holster in one of my zippered fishing vest pockets. It is accurate and very easy to shoot with hot 357 loads. I also shoot 44 mag and 454 CASULL so the 357 has always been my little sweatheart. I have often thought about getting a newer, safer action Rossi but my old style with its firing pinned rebounding hammer has served me well. I do not carry a round under the hammer in the field, although it is safe to do so with this old model. 24 well cared for years later it still looks new, but for the last several years has rested in my wife's gun safe. (Yes. she has her own.) I have replaced it with a GLOCK 36(45ACP). I have been trying to think of another gun to trade back for the old ROSSI. The new shorter barreled stainless ROSSI may be it.
Wish me luck!
71 years and still shooting...



Apr 29, 2012
My R46202 Rossi snubbie. NEW
by: Anonymous

This last valentines day my wife and I walked into the new gun shop that opened up in our little town in Ohio. We looked around, and just as we were exiting something to my left shined a flash of light directly in my face. I stopped and looked towards it to see the brilliantly finished .357 Magnum revolver. Impressed by its sheen and presence I had to have it. When I picked it up my wife immediately said "It suits you". So 10 minutes later my wife and I had finished the process and she had made me the proud owner of this very impressive gun. So far I have had no problems, even after shooting a couple thousand rounds through it(very accurately I might add). Not even near to a bad choice for the $314.37 we gave for it.

Mar 24, 2012
Chambers Binding Resolved by Taurus NEW
by: Anonymous

I am writing in response to Steven's post or any other Rossi owner with this problem. I had the same problem with my Rossi 357 when cocking it with the trigger from the time it was new. I found that when I used the trigger to cycle the cylinder through all of six chambers, the gun would slightly bind on the same two consecutive chambers each and every time. I tried working with the gun for over a year since it wasn't a major issue but just enough to be noticeable. I also think this issue effected the accuracy because I could barely hit paper at 25 feet even after hundreds of rounds and I am a descent shot with other short barreled pistols. I just thought it had to do with being a revolver since it is my only one. I almost gave up on the piece. I finally brought it back to my gun dealer and had it sent it back to Taurus. They repaired the issue no problem and no charge. My stainless Rossi came back smooth on all six. Also, I do believe the issue impacted upon the accuracy. I am now consistently accurate at 25... single action and improving on the double action pull. It has become my favorite carry piece. For a while I had questioned the purchase. Now I love her... compact, six rounds, 357, great grip and pretty.

Mar 24, 2012
binding up NEW
by: Anonymous

get some 2000 grit sand paper and sand down the barrel a little.

Jan 15, 2012
Cylinder binds up?? NEW
by: Steven V.

Just bought the Rossi .357 revolver (971 model) 2 days ago. I havn't fired a single round as of today but the cylinder seems binds up ocassionally when cocking the hammer. Only second revolver I have ever owned... This thing just need a little oil or what. Any suggestions?

Dec 30, 2011
Holster for Rossi .357 mag. NEW
by: Mike

I would really like to know the size or model of the Galco or Don Hume holster mentioned by the author of this piece. I have a Rossi R462 six shot 357 mag. I like Fobus brand holsters but am not able to find one that specifically is designed for the Rossi. Is there anyone here that knows of different holsters for the Rossi specifically a belt slide, paddle or pancake?

Dec 20, 2011
Does not like Hornady Critical Defense .357 loads. NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had mine for about two years now. The first day out, I had the cylinder siege up on me after the first shot. I was shooting the Hornady Critical Defense rounds. I was told that either the primer was not getting along well with this particular weapon, or the ammo was flawed. Either way, I stopped using that brand, and have not had any problems with any other round or manufacturer. Great gun for the money!

Aug 14, 2011
longer barrel
by: Anonymous

can a longer barrel be had. if so where

Aug 02, 2011
old glock gen1 for rossi 357, best trade i ever made
by: jay

had my rossi 357 mag ss for a year now, it has never failed me, a bit heavy for my ankle holster so i went with a charter arms 38 for that purpose, but never the less the rossi 357 is my favorite. i carry it in a shoulder holster and can reload it in less then 2 seconds with my quick loader. i however would recommend getting the black finish if you want it for a everyday carry gun, nothing wrong with stainless, i just find myself rubbing it down to keep prints of the frame. i wont buy a gun unless i am 100% in love with it, and i can say im still as attached to mine today as i was the day i traded my old glock 22 for it. note to possible buyers, rossi is made by taurus and since taurus has proven their dependability, expect no less from rossi

Jun 24, 2011
Just OK
by: Anonymous

Picked up a Rossi M462 for a decent price, its a nice looking gun, shoots decent groups for fixed sights, but mine has a slight hang up on one cylinder when cocking to single action. Just a rough patch that could be smoothed out with some work. Also the screws are not loctited and after 50 rounds actually fell out of the crane. Luckily found it and reinstalled and loctited my self. Ok gun for the money but a used Smith is probably better.

Apr 22, 2011
Awesome handgun!
by: Chris

I have the 6 shot Rossi revolver. It is an amazing revolver. Better than my S&w and I have had problems with my ruger. I love this and will never sell it.

Also very nice that it is accurate at even 30 yards.

Awesome revolver for my own protection, I'm not a big guy and the .357 are not that bad.

I recommend it to anyone.

Feb 04, 2011
Best price and power
by: Snubbielover

Can't beat the Magnum power and the price of a Rossi .357 CCW.

Feb 04, 2011
Had my Rossi .357(.3"bbl;) for approx 3 months.
by: Mike from Texas

Put several hundred full house rounds through it without a problem. I have several 9mms, including a compact that I had been using for CCW. The Rossi is slowly becoming my go-to CCW due to it's accuracy, my growing confidence in it's reliability and the proven, powerful .357 loads available for it.

Jan 28, 2011
My Rossi-Braztech International Experience
by: Anonymous

I bought a used Rossi .357. After firing 200 rounds or so, the cylinder stiffened up. It was removeable from the gun, but fired accurately anyway. A Braztech rep (Miami, Fla.) named Leo assured me this shouldn't happen. Online reports were that Rossi offered lifetime warranty. Well, it means the lifetime of the GUN, not the owner.
Leo managed any communications/mailing needs that arose during our transaction. Leo and two other reps were as informative and as helpful as any I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. My gun was returned to me three days after Rossi received it, the cylinder repaired and the missing part replaced free of charge.The now well-lubricated gun printed two shots, two times each, into one inch groups at 43 yards, using the factory open sights,a rolled-towel rest, and Hornady 125 grain FTX bullets. The trigger breaks as smoothly, lightly and rapidly as any revolver I have ever tried!

Jan 26, 2011
rossi 357
by: jack

i bought this revolver 2 weeks ago and love it even tho all the bashing of rossi i couldnt pass up the lifetime warranty

May 26, 2010
It's my hidden claw too
by: MsCevious1

I'm a down to earth, friendly lady and only a very select few people know I carry at all. I have Police officer friends who are impressed with my little Rossi .357 because it is built so well. One officer even decided he wanted one for his own daughter to carry.

Actually mine is easy to conceal, and as trustworthy as they come. I feel so safe with it, that I walk with more confidence and am more apt to look a person right in the eye and back them down with verbal judo and keep my gun safely tucked away the whole time. Just knowing I can always count on it if I need to seems to help me find other methods out of bad situations without having to count on it. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Jan 28, 2010
Same here
by: Mark C

I recently got rid of my semi autos in favor of my Ruger SP101 for CCW. You can not bet a good revolver. My next purchase will probably be a Ruger GP100.

Jan 27, 2010
The Personal Sidearm
by: Stephen Clay McGehee

The "Tried and True" design of a revolver made of steel is comforting, indeed. While my Glock 21 is a very effective gun, it is the J-frame .357 Magnum that gets carried with me at all times.

We have a thread on the Confederate Colonel forum titled "The Personal Sidearm" ( that discusses the fact that there is more to choosing a personal sidearm than the usual auto/revolver/caliber/brand debates that are usually seen on gun forums.

You have made a wise choice, sir!

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