Not Even Safe During The Day

by Richard - Guest Author

The Twins

The Twins

Read the internet and you will see plenty of "what do you carry", "when do you carry", "how do you carry" and so on. Many of the responses will tell you "90% of the time I carry...". Sometimes carry methods will involve having one in the car and so on...

I guess having carried for a several years now I have gotten to the point of thinking "Well, no need to carry, just running to the store for salad dressing"...That can very well be a fatal choice. So many of us fall into the trap of carrying when we might be out at night, going somewhere that has a possibility of danger and then think it is just too much trouble to carry for a quick 5 minute trip.

With the current heat-wave I just want to get a quick grocery trip over with, too hot to get the holster out and position it, make sure my choice of clothing will cover it and blah blah blah.

Check out this news article:

This is a middle class part of town, generally pretty quiet. The grocery store and motorcycle dealer are less than one mile from where I live. My wife and I pass by there daily, go to that grocery store about 4 times a week and the motorcycle place about once a month. We could have very easily been one of the victims.

In the past I have carried a NAA mini-revolver but having followed this story, the violence and suddenness of it have me questioning that tactic. Larger autos have rarely been a problem for me to carry until weeks of temps well over 100 degrees it is becoming more difficult.

I think my problems (and my wife's) are over. The Ruger LCR. It is a small revolver about the size of a J-Frame S&W. It is light-weight as are some of the Airweight J's except it has a polymer frame which in theory should help absorb a bit more recoil. Hand filling grips to give you a secure grip similar to a larger gun while still maintaining a smaller more easily concealed size.

It slips easily in the pocket of my jeans or cargo pants and while obviously larger than the NAA mini, it still goes without much consideration to "concealment clothing". Just using a pocket holster hides it just fine and off I go, no wasted time.

We keep ours loaded with Winchester 130gr jhp +p. A little snappy to shoot but the overall design of the gun allow plenty of +p practice without having to ice your hand afterwards. Accuracy if fine and at 7 yards you can easily rapid-fire all rounds on target. You can also keep all rounds on target at 25 yards but of course it is much slower and the sights on the gun are not really meant for target shooting...those kinds of ranges with this gun are just for fun and not really practical...but it does show that if for some reason you did have to shoot at that distance, you could.

Trigger pull is not bad at all and no real stacking I could detect.

So, considering its size, what are the bad points of this gun? Well not much. Sure you only have 5 rounds but having it on you is far better than the large capacity auto you left at home due to the hassle of dressing around it.

I also like a gun that is pretty...and that is where this might fall short. It does not have the typical beauty of a S&W or Colt revolver. It is matte black both on the metal and polymer parts and somewhat clunky looking. It reminds me of years ago as a kid when I would get the detective kit complete with plastic handcuffs, a plastic badge and a cap gun that was black with a grey cylinder...just like the LCR.

Interesting story as to why you see two of them in the photo. When I went to get mine, my wife thought it was kind of ugly...she did handle and examine it though and said "oh, that's nice, give me another one" and so we came home with twins.

I think in typical Ruger fashion that they have yet another affordable gun that will last many many years and many thousands of rounds with no trouble. It is one of the more practical guns and one I can highly recommend.

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