North American Arms 22LR/WMR Revolver

by Richard (Guest Author)

NAA 22LR/WMR with LR cylinder installed

NAA 22LR/WMR with LR cylinder installed

Whats not to like about the North American Arms 22LR/WMR revolver? It is as easy to carry as a good sized pocket knife.

I had one of the mini revolvers in 22LR before and while it was an incredibly nice gun, I began to question whether I could handle it under stress. While shooting at the range, I found myself adjusting my grip while aiming and making sure I was holding it securely...that took time.

This NAA revolver is a step up in size. If you are familiar with Case knives, then imagine going from a Mini-Trapper to a Trapper pocket knife...same design, but a bit larger and still just nearly as easy to carry. This gun is the same design but with a slightly larger frame and grip. What does that get you? A small (very small) gun that is still large enough to fit right in your hand without having to second guess whether your grip is good is, handle one and see for yourself.

The larger frame also allows for interchangeable cylinders. This one comes with a 22 Magnum and also a 22 Long Rifle cylinder. You can keep it loaded with the magnum, fire enough of it to be familiar with it and then use the much cheaper LR ammo for fun and practice.

Shooting these guns is just plain fun. Almost no recoil from either LR or discomfort at all. The frame is large enough that after a lot of shooting you won't have any cramps from trying to hold onto something so small like the much smaller version of this gun. One thing it is though is sure to have your hearing protection on.

No fast reloads here. It holds 5 shots, then you see under the barrel? That is the rod that holds the cylinder in place. Push the spring loaded button, pull it out, draw the hammer back far enough to remove the cylinder. Dump the empties...if they don't fall out freely you can use the rod as an ejector.

What purpose does this gun serve? Well, for one it is fun. Second, it can be a great backup to a larger gun. It can also be used as a primary carry gun. I know, I can hear the usual crowd screaming "Nobody should carry a 22...use a 38 special at minimum!!" Lets face it though, many people have situations in which even a Ruger LCP is too large for how they are dressed or what situation they may be attending. This is a gun that you can have on you always, not some of the time or most of the time, but ALWAYS. Just don't forget to remove it before going into the post office or Court House or anywhere else that it is illegal.

No trigger guard, no hammer safe can it be? Well, extremely safe with virtually no chance of an accident IF YOU DO YOUR PART. First off it is single action and while not difficult to cock, it does take a determined motion. Also the trigger is fairly heavy so mind your number one rule of keeping you finger off of it until ready to shoot and you will be ok.

Also, despite the hammer block you can carry it fully loaded. In between each chamber of the cylinder there is a notch that the hammer can rest in...this absolutely prevents the hammer from contacting the ammunition. It is well explained in the manual how to set your gun like this for carry. VERY IMPORTANT: Practice setting your gun like this with a verified empty gun. Once you have it down pat, PRACTICE IT SOME MORE. Practice this frequently and never think you have had enough practice. Always point in a safe direction when you are setting your gun for carry.

You can dry fire all you want. NAA says that having the cylinder in probably will not harm anything, they still recommend removing the cylinder completely and dry fire that way.

Overall the North American Arms 22LR/WMR revolver is an extremely well put together little gun. I suspect it can take all the shooting your can afford to do over a lifetime and then some.

Try one out, I bet you love it!

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