Metro Arms - Firestorm 1911 Goverment

by Wayne Kissinger

Firestorm Govt 1911 DLX

Firestorm Govt 1911 DLX

My experience extends back to the mid 70's when I started into law enforcement. I have owned and fired nearly every make and model of standard law enforcement pistols and revolvers. The sheriff accused me of "clanking" when I walked.

My latest acquisition is a new firearm manufactured in the Philippines by a relatively new company called Metro Arms. Not to be confused with the Firestorm brand of pistols, this is definitely a Government model 1911. I was amazed at the quality of the blued finish when I first opened the box. The checkering of the grips was as clean and precise as any I have seen. Upon visual inspection I was pleased to find a very well fitted frame, barrel, and slide that all moved as if it were custom fitted and polished on the Firestorm 1911 Government model. This however seems to be the way Metro Arms makes them. There is none of the rattle you may be familiar with on some .45s and the tolerances between the parts are pretty good.

The best part of this Firestorm 1911 Government though was the price. I got mine at our local gun shop for $409. I think the advertised price is $481. I have never been so pleased with a new gun as I am with this one.

The proof is in the shooting. I have fired over a thousand rounds of every kind of load there is including some of my own reloads. I had one failure to go into battery, but discovered that one of my reloads had a bad case that escaped me while I was loading. Everything else I fired fed and fired smoothly. The Firestorm 1911 Government is still as tight as new and the finish has stood up to several different types of holsters. I just can't find anything to knock this pistol on.

It looks good, and shoots just as good, and didn't send my wife into orbit for what I spent on it.

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