Kel Tec P3AT

by SL Freeman
(Houston Texas)

P3AT and Holster

P3AT and Holster

With one important caveat. The Kel Tec .380 must be broken in. Thats 5 or 6 hundred rounds. I was personally very disappointed with the little gun until it broke in. Now I trust it.

My test of the baby semi today is to start at the range with the seven rounds I have been carrying. The gun comes out of the pocket and must function 100% or I am going gun shopping. I've had this one for 3 years. It also forces a forgetful person like myself to change out the ammo on a regular basis.

A P3AT is slim and nearly fits in the palm of your hand. It is literally a pocket pistol. I usually carry in an inexpensive pocket holster in my back pocket. They are worth your consideration.

Webmaster Comment: If you have to take 500-600 rounds to "break in" this gun before it is dependable, most people will never get it broken in. Shooting the gun is a study in misery and putting 50 rounds through it in a single session is challenging to say the least.

I appreciate the writer's determination and durability in breaking it in, but this gun suffers from what all "pocket guns" suffer from. They cannot be depended on to operate consistently.

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