I like the Walther PPS 9mm

by Mike Gray
(Amery, WI)

First off, I want to say that I currently live in the Liberal state of Wisconsin, which, like Illinois, does not have a concealed carry law of any kind. This, to me, has always been repugnant and just plain STUPID. I recently acquired a Permit To Carry A Pistol (aka, Concealed Carry permit) in Minnesota, where I will soon move to. I want to leave this anti-gun state before I find myself in a defenseless situation, having my life or my loved one's lives threatened by an armed criminal. Wisconsin law doesn't prevent criminals from illegally carrying deadly weapons. It only prevents law-abiding citizens from carrying defensive weapons. Because of that insanity, I am leaving Wisconsin in order to live in a state that allows me to protect myself and my family from armed criminals.

Okay, now for my favorite CCW gun. It's the Walther PPS 9mm (PPS stands for "Police Pistol Slim". It is in fact one of the slimmest 9mm pistols that I have personally tested. A runner-up (which I also own) is the Glock model 26 (aka, "Baby Glock"). The Glock 26 is a nice gun, and it has a larger capacity magazine than the Walther PPS, but the grip is rather short and fat, which doesn't feel comfortable in my rather large hand. In fact, only 3 of my 4 fingers can wrap around the grip. My pinky ends up curling under the magazine floor. This is not the case with the PPS, which has an in-line 8-round magazine, making it quite narrow and longer than the Glock 26 (which has a 10 round magazine).

The PPS fits so nicely and comfortably in my waistband that I often forget that I'm carrying it. That has been a risky problem for me because there have been times while driving home from Minnesota to Wisconsin when I would forget that I was armed. Normally, I would pull into a gas station near the Minnesota border, and unload my gun and legally case it before driving over the border into Wisconsin.

I would love to find a gun like the PPS 9mm in .40 caliber so that I would have a little more "punch" if/when needed. If I find one I will certainly trade in my 9mm PPS for it! But until that day comes, I truly like the Walther PPS 9mm as my CCW gun of choice!

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