How This Lady Picked Her Concealed Carry Weapon

by Hope R
(Canfield, OH)

I am a 59 year old lady, nurse, grandmother. In 2008, my brother convinced me to attend a CCW class. I had had some experience owning a 410 shotgun, and a few 22 rifles, but none with a handgun. A week before the class I asked a neighbor guy to prep me for the class so I would not feel so inept. He spent one day with me, and let me shoot every handgun he owned. He stressed safety above all, and was kindly corrective.

I did very well with a S&W 45 semi-automatic, so that is what I borrowed to qualify at the end of my CCW class. Also, the instructor at our CCW class had quite a large array of handguns, and let us all handle them, and later try out anything we wanted.

After the class was over I began my search for my "favorite CCW" gun. I visited every gun store in a 30 mile radius. I handled them, getting the feel of them in my hand, and seeing if I could pull the slide back easily enough. Some I could not.

I kept a notebook, took notes, and interviewed each salesperson On their opinion and knowledge. I then went online and read reviews and blogs on the guns that I had liked.

At one gun shop, I had commented that I could only afford one gun, so it had to be all things to me. The man wisely retorted, "Oh, you'll get addicted and you'll buy more!"

Finally I attended a large gun show with a girlfriend who had her CCW. Her brother is a top gunsmith in Wyoming. As we shopped, she kept calling him for advice. My final choice was a Springfield XD .40. I first picked a .45, but then found the .40 for $100 less, with all accessories in a case. I love it. It handles well, and I do not notice a kick.

But the salesman was right. I bought 2 more guns that year. Next I got a Walther P22, just for fun and plinking, and later in the year another friend convinced me that I needed a smaller pocket gun like his, so I bought a Ruger 380LCP.

I loved the feel of the Walther, but had lots of trouble with the ammo not ejecting. (Two years later my new husband informed me that I was using the wrong 22 ammo) Now it works fine. It's a fun gun.

The Ruger 380 is a real nice size for concealment. You can stick it anywhere, but it has a nasty little kick, and hurts the web of my thumb. It makes me flinch and I do not enjoy it. Of course you cannot try out new guns before you buy.

I'm sure there are nicer ones out there. My niece bought a Sig Sauer, then the next fall signed up for Law Enforcement classes at the local college.

So my advice to men who want to buy their honey a gun is.... let her handle some, shoot some, try them out. Suggest she take the CCW class. It is invaluable.

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Feb 12, 2015
hey girl !!go girl!!! NEW
by: cheryl

You are one strong woman for sure I guess. I have tried my level best to master it but have failed ever since. I have never seen any women so bold and strong at heart like you in our town. ICD 10 Training

Aug 22, 2012
by: Ron

Thanks for your article.

In my neck of the woods, we can try most handguns prior to buying. My local gun stores have many guns ready to try, then buy.

As for your everyday carry, I have recently changed from the Glock 23 to the S&W Shield .40. This gun comes in 9mm too, and is what my wife uses.

The slim size, and balanced feel of the gun is perfect for me. If you get a chance to use this firearm, please do. You might find a new carry gun.



Dec 19, 2011
Ruger NEW
by: Daniel

I had a Ruger LC9 and found the trigger pull too long and hard. I traded it in for a S&W M&P 9c. I now have a much better time at the range with better groups.

Oct 03, 2011
Need more women, (and men) Like you.
by: J Elliott

I sure wish more people would do as you have done and look into becoming a ccw. May some of us older people should pass this story along to someone we know. As for the ruger lcp, in the summer I just cannot carry my 1911, and own an lcp, with the laser. That is the only thing I do not like about the gun, is I cannot focus on the small sight. I sold a kahr and bought the lcp. Being an avid shooter for 45+ years, it just was more of a fit for me. The recoil is not a problem as I am well over 250 lbs. There can be good and bad in every gun, as my gunsmith friend has told me, but even in the winter, my lcp goes with me.

Sep 11, 2011
CC Weapon
by: Gordon VanderMeulen

If you still feel the need for a small CC or back-up weapon, I suggest you trade in the Ruger LCP for a Kahr Arms 380. THe Kahr is much higher quality and kicks much less than the LCP. I've had both and I got rid of the LCP because of what it did to the allready stretched scar tissue in the web space between my thumb and forefinger (due to an accident)SPRITE. The Kahr is twice the price of the LCP, but 3 times the gun

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