GLOCK 26 Review
Best CCW for me

by Lawrence

My pick is a Glock 26. Believe it or not, I sold a high-priced Kimber Pro Tactical .45 after getting the G26. Its not that the Kimber was not a good gun, it was. But after using both guns as CCW, the G26 was more comfortable, easier to hide and offered more shots.

It was lighter and smaller in every dimension except width, has excellent reliability and durability and costs far less. If I was going to stow a gun in my car, risking theft, I'd rather lose the 500.00 gun over a 1000.00 one. I ended up grabbing the G26 every time and the Kimber started gathering dust. I do not need a 1000.00 dust bunny!

Why the 9mm over SIG.357, or .40 or even .45ACP? Well, I could have had any of these calibers in a baby Glock, but here's why I went 9mm:

The .45 version is larger and heavier and offers fewer shots. It was out. The SIG.357 and .40 calibers offer same size and superior ballistics, with shot count very close to the 9mm, so why did I pass them by? Recoil. Although the SIG.357 and .40 are more powerful calibers, I consistently shoot better, both in speed and accuracy with the 9mm. On average, a LOT better. If one adds multiple targets, multiple shots or rapid fire, the .40 and SIG357 get harder to shoot well in the baby Glock, especially the SIG! And with today's ammo, I consider the 9mm plenty good enough to do the job.

I think shot placement and accurate follow-up shots are more important than the small advantage any of the other cartridges offer. Sure, I can shoot the .40 and the SIG 357,they just not are as easy to shoot, especially the recoil from the SIG.357! I seriously doubt anyone, if they are completely honest, would not admit that the 9mm is the easier caliber to fire.

If I were using a full-sized Glock, I would go with the .40 caliber. But in a G26, the better choice for CCW down here in south Texas, I went with the 9mm. With 12 shots of Corbon DPX 115 gr. ammo, I consider myself to be well armed. All I did to the stock G26 was go with a +2 Glock extended magazine and a good quality night sight. The extended mag is currently legal, and offers 2 extra shots plus better control to boot. The slight size/weight gain was worth the trade-off, as I could not see any practical differences or limitations using the extended mags over stock for CCW.

Many may take exception to my choice, but thats why Glock gives you a range of calibers to choose from. But, for me, I went with the 9mm G26.

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