FEG PA-63 Is My Carry Weapon

by Ray Mills
(Haymarket Va. )

I really like this gun. I am new to CCP (about a year) but this has been my carry gun since I got my permit. I like this gun for many reasons. It is light. 9x18 Makarov is a punchy round. It is surprisingly accurate. I actually can group in about a 50c piece at 25 yards.

I read that the KGB used to carry this gun. I feel that if they carried it and used it, it probably has some merit. I know most people do not like the Makarov round but I converted a friend to the gun recently. It is not something you see normally but I guess that is something else I like about it. I really am not one who follows the norm. What I read was that the KGB carried this gun for many years and recently changed to a different weapon and these guns are now surplus and usually in very good condition. mine looked new.

Price is another good thing about this gun. The gun cost me $136.00 plus shipping and FFL transfer. I think it was around $180 total. The rounds look similar to a .380 but I think they are a better round.

Ammo is readily available. When everyone I go to the gun show with runs over to the Ammo guys to hurry and get their ammo. I just walk over there maybe stop at a couple of booths. If something catches my eye I pick up what I need. (I am about setup to reload these I just have not run a batch yet.)

The thumb rest on the left side of the grip. Very comfortable and fits into a pocket if need be. needs to be a larger pocket though.)

There is only one that I have found. At 6'6" and 245 lbs I have very large hands, the slide sometimes rubs a groove in my first knuckle of my thumb. But it is minimal. After shooting 1-200 rounds at the range I will have a red line on the top of my thumb. :) It is a hazard of the job but I enjoy it so much.

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