What I Carry Every Day For Self Defense .... And Life

8/28/2012 I dated this page because at this writing, it's 5 years old and nothing that was on it was current. Leaving it as it was made me appear to be so old and out of touch with society, that I thought I better change it to include current reality. I'll continue to periodically update and keep it current now.

We all have an assortment of daily carry items that indicate and dictate what we are and do. They are also indicative of how we operate in our daily lives.

Think about it. What type of clothes do you wear? Are they a part of what you do for a living? Are they incidental? Does your clothing make concealed carry of a handgun easy or difficult?

Are you electronically oriented? Or are you a pen and paper person? If you lay out all the items that go with you daily, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to determine how you operate daily.

Smart phones replaced my flip phones 5 years ago. The big Droid X2 below now replaces the laptop and big black Bible I carried when I first built this page. I'm self employed today, and the Bible is electronic, on the Droid.

Droid X2

All that being said, if you look at the picture below, you can tell basically what I do and how I operate on a daily basis.

All Daily Carry

I don't carry all those guns at once, but at least one daily according to how I dress and what I'm doing. I make sure I can always answer the question: Who's gonna shoot back?!

My most often carried primary handgun is still the GLOCK 23 - .40S&W below. Nothing's changed in durability, dependability and accuracy. The GLOCK rules.

Having gotten used to the Front Line Holster made specifically for a loaded, ready to fire GLOCK, the pair make for dependable and easily accessible self defense.

Daily Carry Glock 23

Highly recommended by the Christian Gun Owner:

Next is a gun I wouldn't have believed I'd be carrying almost as much as the G23. It's the Ruger SR9c. As mentioned in the review, this has been a remarkable gun considering the issues Ruger had with them in the first few years of manufacture.

I'd put this one up against any compact .9mm in dependability and accuracy. This is paired up 100% of the time with the pictured Front Line tuckable holster.

Daily Carry Ruger SR9c

In the realm of daily carry guns, this final one has been the one that has filled every gap where I could not otherwise go armed. The S&W Airweight Revolver.

I generally use the Fobus Ankle Holster with any long pants. The Fobus IWB holster takes over when I'm wearing shorts. The Airweight also easily and safely tucks into most any pocket with a light pouch.

This is not a gun that I ever recommend to anybody as a primary carry gun. It is one to use when you can't go armed otherwise.

Daily Carry SW Airweight

What can I say about a knife? This is not for fighting, by the way. 99% of people trying to fight with a knife will find themselves cut into something resembling a meat market chart.

A knife is a tool that has unending uses throughout each day. I won't go into long, boring details here. Just imagine the times when you needed a cutting instrument and didn't have one.

Most articles on this web site are assumed to be geared towards men. Not so. Most everything, including this article is for consideration by men and women equally. A woman having a knife handy is as important as it is for any man.

Funny this being here on a site geared heavily towards guns, but an ink pen. This may seem trivial until you work and/or live around a generation of techies that don't carry one.

Ink Pen

I used to work with about a dozen young adults that do not carry paper, pen, pencil or any other means of recording information except electronic. Nor do they carry cash.

It was pretty funny in our staff meetings to watch them start scrambling for something to write with when a writing implement is needed for something.

The attitude of not handling or possessing any paper is almost cultish among young, technologically advanced young adults. They are almost as helpless as many people in their 70s when a computer is required for something. This is a matter of needing to grow up a little.

Be prepared for the reality of a world that still requires writing implements in a great deal of society. It is one of the few generational oddities that makes me glad I'm older than 25.

Learning to live daily maximizing your opportunities for self defense takes some work and practice. But when it becomes routine, it's as simple as the act of slipping your cell phone on your belt.

All these items stay with me daily and are as much a part of my life as eating and sleeping. Years ago, carrying the guns at first was a challenge that was a little awkward and a little intimidating. Now it's as natural as getting dressed.

As Christians, God's word should be ever near. As citizens, daily carry of implements of self defense should be a daily presence in our lives.



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