Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Gun Holsters

Male or female, large or small, don't go disarmed just because it's hot outside.

These fanny pack concealed carry holsters allow you to wear any kind of clothing from gym shorts and a tank top to dress clothes .... and still carry your handgun.

Click on the picture or button below for choices of packs, one of which will be just right for you.

Fanny Pack Concealed Carry Holsters


DUMB CONCEALED CARRY STATEMENT: "You shouldn't use a fanny pack to carry your gun. People know those things hold guns."

I'm sorry, but that's a real dumb reason not to use something this effective, not to mention economical, for concealed carry.

If they cover it, they work.

People may know, but they don't care. Fanny packs of all kinds are used to carry an endless number of small essential items.

They are common. Consequently they are very effective for concealed carry.