Concealed carry clothing

by Neal Allen
(Louisville KY)

Available in different neck styles and colors

Available in different neck styles and colors

For years I have carried my Glock 23 when wearing casual clothing but have been forced to choose a different weapon (Bersa 380)when wearing dressier business attire. I really did not like this option, as a sense of responsibility dictated that I be equally proficient with both weapons. I do love shooting, but feeding two concealed carry weapons, with what I feel is adequate practice, has become expensive.

Having to alternate carry weapon choices is no longer an issue thanks to my UnderTech shirts. I was skeptical when first hearing of these T-Shirts, believing them to be uncomfortable and inadequate in securing my weapon properly. I bought one for testing and was pleasantly surprised.

It's designed to carry left or right-handed. The tight-fitting, Under Armour-type material is comfortable and moisture wicking. The holster compresses the weapon tightly to your body and with a snap strap over the grip it's not going anywhere unless I intend for it to. I have even had to jog short distances and not been uncomfortable. After a small modification, I carry an extra magazine in the off-hand holster. Since it's open on the bottom, I stitched it up using some thread my wife had around the house. It's been washed 50 - 80 times by now and no problems with my mod.

It did take some time, and practice, to learn to present the weapon smoothly. It will never be as smooth as my Blackhawk SERPA holster, but with practice I feel comfortable that I could have my weapon presented in adequate time to defend myself. I have to be sure to not wear tailored shirts with the wide frame Glock, but I now have a comfortable carry alternative when wearing a tucked in dress shirt.

Beware of imitators. I have seen some of the "relaxed fit" ones. I tried one on at a gun show recently. While it has an adequate holster, having the heavy Glock 23 beating on my ribcage with every step I take is not a price I am willing to pay to carry.

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Concealed carry clothing NEW
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Mar 02, 2015
Follow up NEW
by: Anonymous

I still own this same shirt and it it holding up well, other than the fact that it is no longer white.

I purchased another in a V Neck so I do not have to worry about the discolored neck line showing.

Two comments with the new shirts:

1. From this vendor the strap is not a snap any longer, it is velcro. I worry that it will wear over time and not be as secure as the snap. We shall see and I will stay aware of that possibility.

2. I bought one similar from 5.11 last year. It has padded pockets that the pistol fits in with velcro closures. My G23 would not stay in that velcro pocket even when new. If I bent over to pick something up it would slide out of the pocket. I like the shirt but have to be super aware that I hold the firearm in place with my arm if I intend to run or reach down to pick something up.

I will try to remember to update on this topic.

Mar 02, 2015
clothing NEW
by: steve

Actually I like more armor jackets than these clothing. However, it is nice I think because no need to worry aboutbeverly diamonds complaints the heavy weights. That clothing fits well for him. And it is awesome in look but not classic.

Mar 13, 2013
abetter holster NEW
by: Anonymous

I visited the abeterholster web page and am concerned as there is NO address or phone number on the webpage. Another words, they don't make anything and probably supply the item from another vendor...

Jun 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

I've owned 2 of these and the material has ripped on both where the holster is sewn to the shirt. Holds gun very well and is comfortable but the ripping issue needs to be addressed.

Jun 24, 2010
T-shirt holster
by: Bob

This is the best concealed carry houlster I have found. I am over 3oolbs, and carry most of the weight around my mid section. I have tryed shoulder holsters, hip holsters, and other t-shrit holsters. The only problem I have with this holster, is the material is having a problem. It looks like the material is seperating. I have a black t-shirt which is very comfortable. Next time I will get the white t-shirt.

Dec 20, 2009
I've found a similar shirt that is $20 cheaper
by: Jeff

This looks very similar to a shirt I just bought from which is $49.95 instead of $69.95, and has a holster fitting on one side and 3 mag pockets on the other side. It's the same idea, a tight-fitting t-shirt to hold the gun in place and prevent sagging.

The only thing that I see for the undertech site that I do not see on the ABH site is that the undertech models come in either crew neck or V-neck, I only saw the crew neck listed on ABH but did not specifically ask them (I figure if they offered it, they would advertise it as an option), so if having a V-neck is important I guess you might need to shell out the extra $20.

Oct 20, 2009
CC t-shirt
by: Terry

Now I'll have to find one myself. I carry the Bersa .380 D with 9+1 clip. It's slender enough for under the pants holster but can work it's way into a position that prevents quick removal unless you continually push it up a bit. But then it's noticable with certain shirts and there's the issue of comfort to deal with. Still better for cc than my PT24/7 pro Comp.9ml. But I may have trouble finding the shirt in 2x size. Have ordered the newer Taurus 9ml. slim, but it should also fit the shirt ok. Doubt if I could find one for the .357 Mod.65 though. That's one of the biggest lies I've told myself in yrs getting that one for CC.

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