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This is a page linking to the gun reviews our guests have submitted, along with comments by readers. Submit your own article below.

Smith and Wesson Model 60 Revolver: A short article by Mike from Durango, CO comparing this S&W revolver to the Ruger SP101.

GLOCK 26 Review: After trying numerous other guns and comparing it to the G26, Lawrence from Texas tells us why he settled on the GLOCK.

A Woman's Perspective On Concealed Carry: An informative and insightful article by Heather from Ohio (with an "ahem" interesting picture).

Magnum Research Baby Eagle: An article by Mike from Michigan, on the one of the more unique handguns to be manufactured over the last decade.

GLOCK 27 Review: A guest author wrote and submitted this informative article about his concealed carry choice.

Sig Sauer P232 ..... "Review?" This little evaluation of the 232 by Jack Tubz from Michigan is just a paragraph and really can't be accurately called a review. But the comments make up for the lack of content in the article. Nice picture too.

Ruger .32 Magnum Revolver: JT from Sheridan, WY writes this article about Ruger's .32 mag version of the SP101. This from a person who's had first hand experience with physical violent crime against him.

Smith And Wesson 3913 Review: This article by Mark from Ohio is informative followed by some good comments.

Taurus PT145 Review: This is a review that I think is pretty accurate and is typical of this line of Taurus handguns. Comments are pretty diverse including some "Anonymous" idiots that are more interested in insulting the writers rather than commenting on the gun. Typical of people named "Anonymous".

Rossi .357 Magnum Review: I've known for some years that Rossi makes good revolvers at incredibly low prices. Hank from Ohio gives us first hand experience.

Taurus 709 Slim And IO Hellcat: An interesting article here by "Joe the Barber" from North Dakota.

Bersa Thunder Pro Series Pistol Review: I like getting articles about popular guns that don't look like every other article written. Unique content is important here, even when evaluating the same "brand" of gun as another article. Clark from North Carolina does a good job of it here.



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