BERSA Thunder Pro Series Review

by Clark Lewis
(Raleigh NC)




OK Model 22 fans there is a new kid on the block. The Bersa Thunder Pro series. I have and love my Glocks and carried my Model 31 .357 sig until I got a Bersa 380 Thunder CC. Excellent gun!

The gun is accurate, enabling me to shoot 2" groups at 25 yards. So when I heard about the Bersa Pro Series, I jumped at the chance to burn some powder through these.

I first ordered the HC Pro 9 for under $400.00. WOW! Full size and accurate. Out shoots my S&W M&P 9mm and my Beretta M9. In my opinion, the best value in a 9mm on the market today.

Next I got the Pro UC Series for a concealed carry. OH MY GOODNESS! What a fine weapon, easy to conceal, light, accurate and comes in 9mm, .40, and .45acp.

Here are the specs;
Thunder 9 UC (10 or 13 round)
Thunder 40 (10 round)
Thunder 45 (7 round)
Precision machined lightweight alloy, Picatinny rail, polygonal rifling & loaded chamber, indicator, Ambidextrous safety, slide release and magazine release, lifetime service contract, Intergral locking system, anatomically designed polymer grips. It now comes standard with a picatinny rail, polygonal rifling and a loaded chamber indicator. Double action, semi auto, 3-dot sight system, extended slide release
Available in Matte or Duotone finish.

The sights can be easily changed (with the right equipment). I prefer the Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights. If adjustable is your thing, then the Meprolight TD adjustable set for pistols w/ #8 front and rear sights work great.

Am I going to sell my Glocks? NO WAY, but as far as confidence, accuracy, and value, Bersa is making lots of sense. I shoot IDPA and we are starting to see these show up at competitions and holding their own against some high dollar fire-power.

If asked about concealed carry, I make available Glocks, Berretta, S&W, Kel-tec and Bersa for folks to try to see if they would like them, and the Bersa's are being chosen more and more. As one lady put it, it just feels good.

So if you have some extra cash or have a range that rents pistols, wrap your fingers around a Bersa Pro Series pistol and give it a whirl, you may just have something else to put in your arsenal.

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May 27, 2015
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Apr 28, 2015
Great Pistol NEW
by: Anonymous

Had buy my 9mm from a picture. Well pleased with the quality of the pistol, and it shoots very well. Have over 9000 rounds through it and it is a little over 4 years old. Got a real buy for my money and it is my EDC pistol.

Apr 23, 2015
BERSA Thunder Pro Series NEW
by: Anonymous

Bersa weapons are known for quality and performance. I have two pistols and I am using them for shooting practice. You can get good information about Bersa weapons college paper writing service reviews. When you use them proper care has to be taken and storing weapons at a safe place is must.

Feb 28, 2015
Bersa Thunder Plus FTE NEW
by: Smallpaul

I've owned a Thunder Plus for several months, fired probably 300 rds. of assorted ammo. I have experienced FTE/FTF with a couple Defense rounds. Nylon-Tipped seem not to cycle well. I switched back to ball-end and still had an issue. I just read a post that may help (not just me, but others as well). NOTE: Sorry if this is lengthy, but WELL worth the read.

PLEASE NOTE - This post provides a solution to the known FTF (Fail to Feed) Stovepipe issue some Bersa Thunder 380 owners experience. The overview is for those interested in purchasing a Bersa. The fix for current owners experiencing FTF issues is in the next section titled The Fix . I hope it helps many !

The Bersa Thunder 380 and Bersa 380 family are well made, budget priced handguns produced in Argentina and imported by Eagle Imports (NJ). The guns are a great value as they are made with alloy frames, steel slide, DA/SA trigger, decocker/safety. 7+1 magazine capacity and a 3.5" barrel. Features not often found on budget handguns. In addition, its size makes it an ideal concealed carry handgun.

The gun is very fun to shoot and in my experience, quite accurate. The trigger feels very crisp and sure and overall, operation is excellent. The .380 caliber produces a lower recoil than a 9mm so it is an excellent choice for ladies who desire a less aggressive recoil or who people with small hands. This does not make it any less effective for a personal defense concealed carry weapon. Ballistic gel tests using JHP(Jacketed Hollow Point) ammo have proven very effective penetration and wound track stopping power.

The most prevalent issue
Various handguns can be prone to specific issues, some less than others however; issues that call the reliability of the handgun to operate consistently into question can be quite disconcerting. In the case of the Bersa Thunder 380, a substantial number of people have reported a FTF/Stovepipe issue using the Bersa 7 round magazines. As a Bersa Thunder 380 owner myself, I too have experienced this on numerous occasions.

Many owners report no issues at all after hundreds or thousands of rounds through their handguns. Others experience the issue straight out of the box or later after break in. The symptoms seem pretty consistent indicating that some design or manufacturing issue is occurring and not related to the shooters or ammo used.

The primary symptom is that on the 5th or 6th round of a 7 round magazine, the cartridge fails to feed and may stovepipe (turn sideways). Attempts to eject the round by racking the slide often causes a double feed condition; trapping the first round. This requires dropping the magazine and freeing the FTF round. Not only is this issue annoying but makes the owner feel the gun is unreliable.

In my case, this occurs infrequently however; any instance of FTF causes one to question reliability and multiple instances only make it worse. Since there seemed to be no clear answer for this on the web or from Bersa, I took it upon myself to try and determine the cause and potentially a solution. Fortunately for me and for many others who may read this, I have achieved both.

Debugging the issue (see pictures at bottom of thread for details)
My first thought on this problem was that it could be spring related for several reasons. First, the problem occurs after the first 4 or 5 rounds in a magazine indication that feed pressure from the magazine may be related. Second, the problem (for me) seemed to occur after the magazines were broken in - again, less spring pressure. Ultimately, this was not the root cause but is related as you will see.

Since even tight magazine springs or new mags could still exhibit the problem, I delved deeper to understand the mechanics of the feeding process. Let me preface this by saying, I am NOT a gunsmith or an armorer but I do have some mechanical DIY skills. These proved to be sufficient as you will soon see.

Many people on the net have spoken about polishing the feed ramp in an attempt to try and resolve the problem, They were close but the problems would still occur and in looking at the feed ramp on my Bersa, it was perfectly smooth.

What I did find was the area's surrounding and leading up to the ramp were not. They had sharp edges; especially on the left side where the slide stop release juts out into the path of the cartridge. The right side also had a sharp edge. In both cases, these sharp edges face the cartridge attempting to load with the potential of catching the edge of the brass before the bullet can successfully slide into the chamber end of the barrel.

You can easily test this yourself. With the magazine removed, slide and recoil spring off, you now have the lower. Run your finger along the path leading to the feed ramp from the magazine well to the barrel. If you feel a sharp edge on either side on the approach, you will see what I mean. Those edges are interfering with the smooth loading of the cartridge.

To further verify this, load a magazine with cartridges into the lower (still disassembled) and you will see the alignment. (shown in the pictures). If you push a cartridge forward as it would feed, you can see how it might become caught on one if the edges and especially with less spring pressure where the pressure helps it clear the slide stop.

This was not rocket science. It was simply a matter of tolerances and some finishing that needs (or needed) to be done at the factory. Being a budget handgun, one cannot always expect superfine finishing however; I hope to share this with Bersa for their quality control team.

The fix
Okay, you have suffered through my long story when all you really wanted was the fix and to know if it works. If you skipped the section titled Debugging the issue, go back and read how to run your finger along the path, etc. to feel for the sharp edges.

You need 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper (the black kind) to smooth the sharp edges. Do not sand the feed ramp itself or the barrel. Sand the sides that lead up to the ramp and sand the slide stop protrusion. The goal is not to make everything perfectly round, its is to smooth the sharp edges so when you run your finger, it doesn't feel like it is sharp, catching skin.

You may also need to sand the very bottom lip of the feed ramp if it feels sharp and the very rim of the chamber side of the barrel. DO NOT SAND INSIDE LIP OF THE BARREL. Just very lightly at the lip for a tad bit of smoothness.

Also, the goal here is SMALL amount. You only need to sand until the edge is not a sharp edge. Always better to do not enough than too much.

After sanding, completely clean the gun to ensure there is no metal residue and then lube well.

The results
Once complete, it was time to test it at the range. I brought 4 magazines (3 of the Bersa 7 round and 1 Bersa 9 round) which had each at one time or another been used when the issues occurred. I also brought 150 rounds of good .380 ammo

Normally with 150 rounds I would see to 4 FTF. Sometimes less but always some number. In this case, not one single FTF. The gun worked flawlessly (as it should)

In the next week, I will put another several hundred rounds through the Bersa and report back but I am 99% sure, this is the cause of the problem people have experienced.

Pictures tell the story

Area smoothed



Feb 27, 2015
good NEW
by: Swany

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Feb 25, 2015
Bersa Thunder 9 Pro needs serious trigger attention NEW
by: Lone Puma

I don't know how many comments are read or even answered, but I've owned a Bersa Thunder 9 Pro HC for a while. I've even changed out its factory sights to the Tritium XS Sight system. Great gun, but there is one major problem with the gun, as far as I'm concerned, it's the trigger system. Yup, its single action is way too stiff and then your finger slides down to be pinched. Even when cocked, it has too much travel before firing. That said, the gun has been put away until someone can fix these issues. Until then, the gun remains retired.

Should there be someone who has a solution addressing these issue, I'd would greatly appreciate any consideration of help for this grievous annoyance.

Kind regards,


Dec 15, 2014
Broke Again NEW
by: Cowboy

Back again! After the repairs for the breaking of the slide release I carried the Ultra on a limited basis due to my concerns of reliability. I recently put tritium sights on it and took it out to sight in. The magazine release locked up with less that 100 rounds being fired through it. As soon as I get the Bersa back from the repair shop I will either sell it or trade it in on a maker I am familiar with.

Nov 23, 2014
SIg Sight comparability NEW
by: Christian Gator

Most BERSA thunder pro's including ( UC models ) from 9mm up to .45 use number #8 sig sights interchangeable both front and rear with the #8 sights, in both front and rear. Just got my SIGlite night sights the other day for my TPUC 9mm

this you don't have to take my word the information can be found at

Older models be sure to check

Nov 23, 2014
Mario-- I just did the last post over--cant remember exact name I used lol NEW
by: ChristianGator

Hi Mario. I do have good knowledge of gun quality. Good. If I were you. I'd sell that BERSA or keep it that's a highly irregular BERSA. If you sell buy another BERSA as I said that's highly irregular of BERSA thunder pro series. The Springfield XD's have had their fair share of problems. Enough to recall a chunk of them. It's your life, if your gonna spend money on an XD. Why not get a Glock 26 or 19? Or 30/s/sf? Or go with a sig 226? Good luck my brother.

Nov 23, 2014
I passed my gunsmithing course graded out 94 NEW
by: ChristianGatorFan

BERSA Thunder Pro ( UC included ) is a very good gun, well made and made with quality parts. They disassemble so simple your wife, not intended to be a sexist comment plenty of women are more than capable of disassembling fire arms, but your wife can maintain it no problem. Shoots most any ammo. Are they sig good? Honestly maybe are the Glock good? No but Gaston Glock like him or not lol or if you think the guns too plain, Gaston Glock makes the best semi autos hand guns in the world. Can't beat their reliability. But we're talking about BERSA and BERSA without a doubt is the most underrated semi auto handgun maker in the world. I trust my life carrying the TPUC 9mm. Those are all the positives and it's a lot of great things or I wouldn't trust my life with it carrying it. Now the problem, the only problem I can find is there's a lot of parts to it. When there's a lot of parts it means there's more that can go wrong. So maintanence is key. And by that I mean don't push it to the limit. Don't purposely drop it or back over it with your truck or cook it in an oven give a speech take it out and shoot....let the Glock guys do that.

Truth of the matter--if you don't have a lot to spend on a good quality firearm. BERSA is without a doubt the way to go. I have the $$ to buy more expensive have Had many Glocks still one had Sig P226 enhanced elite P220 enhanced. Still have a west German 220 and my wife carries a P320. I chose BERSA over the others and I'm a Glock man all the way. But my carry gun I chose BERSA and I have somewhat of a reliable opinion.

The fact is if YOU take care of your BERSA....Your BERSA will take care of YOU!

Hope that layed it out on the BERSA thunder pro 9mm and up

Thanks God Bless
Ephesians 6:10-12
' Finally my bretheren be strong in The Lord & the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God that ye may stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh & blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places '

Nov 14, 2014
Thunder 45 UC-Pro NEW
by: Mario

Got the gun last March, (Duotone)fit and finish are average to low. Shoots very well, accurate, but after 250 rounds it developed a "Soft Primer" issue and the slide catch spring broke.
I was expecting a little more quality on the internals of this gun, the recoil spring (both) looks like those on ball-point pens, the ramp on the barrel had deep machining marks and it's barely polished, the paint (White Dot) of the front sight came off after 30 rounds, the coating on the barrel looks like it was done in the back yard, inside a coffee can.
Now that the Slide Catch Spring broke, it fires 2 rounds and locks the slide open, so, basically, until I send it to have it replaced (on the other side of the Country) the gun is a very heavy paper weight.
Should have listened to my buddy and get another XD.
As soon as I get this gun fixed, IT'S GONE !!!

Nov 11, 2014
Excellent Pistol NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought this handgun in Oct. 2010, from a picture. Was very highly pleased with the quality and how it fit my hand. Very accurate and shoots every time I pull the trigger. Have over 9000 rounds though it without any trouble.It conceals very well. Wouldn't trade it for anything. One of the best buys I ever made. Also, have the TP22 another excellent handgun.

Nov 10, 2014
BERSA Thunder Ultra Pro NEW
by: Anonymous

Replaced Taurus & Ruger 9mm pistol with the BERSA Thunder Ultra Pro. Usually like Rugers but their P95 was just too big and Rurger SR series looked too small. This one, like the Goldie Locks story, is just right. light recoil shooting 115gr. practice rounds,feels good in hand,easy to rack slide, very solid lock back lever, very accurate, even RO with my Ladies Shooting League remarked on how much my aim had improved! Highly recommend for either gender but especially for recoil sensitive or folks who have problem with strength issues. New gun owner friendly. I'm no spring chicken, lady of 63+ yrs, and did not start shooting until mid 50's so that says a lot about this choice of a weapon

Oct 30, 2014
First Bersa NEW
by: Mitch T

I traded my beloved and trusty Kahr CW-40 for a Thunder UC 9MM. After a good cleaning and replacement of the magazine springs I took it to the range for a test run. I LIKE this gun. I am left handed and after a swap of the mag release button it fit me like a glove. I purchased my first pistol in 1979 and have owned a number of them since. This is the first that works great as a south paw gun. I put 50 rounds of blazer FMJ thru it and had no failures at all. It had a manageable amount of recoil and was just plan fun to shoot. It is a slightly heavier than my glock 23 but I am hanging on tight to it. My next gun will be the UC .45 for sure !

Apr 17, 2014
by: DON


Feb 24, 2014
Thunder 9 UC NEW
by: Bill

Just went over 2000 rounds in it without a failure of any type. This pistol feels great and shoots straight. The only thing I do not like are the dull 3 dot sights. I tried to install some Hi-Vis sights. The front was tight but did not need to samd or file, it went. I could not get the rear sight in, even after filing. The flat part of,the sight that houses the light tubes hit the top of the rounded slide keeping them from going sll the way through straight. I guess I will try the Meprolight sights or maybe some dayglow paint on the rear.

Feb 24, 2014
Bersa Thunder ,45 UC Pro NEW
by: Anonymous

Just acquired a Bersa .45 UC Pro, and it is a nice handgun, but shoots 3-4 inches below point of aim at 10 yards. I am hoping to replace the sights with a taller rear and smaller front to resolve this. I would have just shaved down the front sight, but that would have left a "half white dot". I own a Bersa Model 83 .380 that I have had for over 20 years, it is a great shooter, so imagine my disappointment with the Thunder .45

Also, the fact that the rear sight is plastic has me a bit disgruntled, but my replacement is at least metal, so this should improve.

Nov 17, 2013
Highly disappointed NEW
by: Cowboy

I like the features of the 45 UC. If you are used to an S&W 645 (or 4506)or a Sig P220, it functions the same way. Impressive on the first 40 rounds. After about 60 rounds the slide release broke causing the slide to lock open on each shot. Availability of parts is not good. Price of additional mags is outrageous at $49.99 each for a 7 rd mag. I have over $500 tied up and no telling when I'll get the gun back. I only had it for a week. Strong concerns of reliability.

Oct 27, 2013
Bersa pro 40 disappointed NEW
by: Rich

I purchased the thunder pro 40 in august of this year. The first time a fired the gun the magazine would not release. I had to send it to a gunsmith
who was listed in the bersa booklet. It cost me
$25.00 to mail it through a licensed dealer. I got the pistol back 3 weeks later fixed. Went back tgo the range, magazine release worked. As I was firing
the pistol the slide release lever broke, this is
metal, how could this happen? Now I have to send it back for repair again at a cost of another $25.00
I am very disappointed with this gun. I would not recommend this product.

Sep 10, 2013
So-So sidearm NEW
by: Anonymous

I had 3 Bersa sidearms. A .380, it's little sister .22, and an Ultra Compact 9mm. They're all ok but nothing special. All of them have had a tendency to mis-feed. The .380 and .22 are easily concealable and reliable enough for pocket guns, but I sold the 9mm and bought a FNS 9mm, which is a truly superior weapon in every respect. I have a matching .40 and I love both of these guns. A distant 3rd is my S&W M&P .45. I don't carry that often, I prefer open carry, but if you want a hide-a-gun Bersa is ok and low cost. I wouldn't reccommend it for any other reason.

Sep 03, 2013
Bersa Thunder 9 UC PRO NEW
by: Brian PCB

I wanted to chime in on this topic because I have been VERY pleased with my Thunder 9 UC PRO. 13 + 1 in a compact handgun that fits a big guy's hand to perfection is not easy to find for under $500. I originally had an HK USP 9 that was the epitome of solid and dependable. I had to downgrade from that Rolls Royce of handguns because it was too difficult to conceal. The Bersa made that transition painless. I've had the gun now for one year with no FTE or FTL issues at all. The gun feeds all types of ammo with ease and weighs the same as my HK full size polymer frame, so it feels solid. I carry daily in a Crossbreed holster and at times forget that I am carrying due to the comfort. This gun may be a bit too big for a lady to CC on her person, but my wife carries in her purse regularly with no issue.

Basically, Bersa is a solid dependable handgun that you can feel very confident in.

Jul 25, 2013
bersa.45 uc pro NEW
by: clay 467

just thought id let anyone who was wondering know that this is a fine weapon accurate reliable very little recoil in my opinion for the money cant be beat

Jun 16, 2012
this gun is the shit NEW
by: bcultra

I am armed security across the valley in Arizona. I also own the bersa 40 thunder pro, wow is all I need to say, I have shot guns twice as expensive and was less impressed. Thank you Argentina, you guys have outdone yourselves on these models. I would have gladly paid an additional c note, if I had known prior have good this baby performs, never named easy to clean a very reliable piece to own!

May 03, 2012
Seriously best bang for the buck!
by: D

I have to say that after owning some rugers, glocks and a kahr bersa is now by far my favorite pistol manufacturer. I've even had a s&w and ask of the above have had either quirks, break in periods, ftf, fte, double and triple the cost of my current bersa's I find very little in the way of excuses for these well established companies to have such snobbery with so many inherent design flaws. On the other hand I have the thunder 380 cc and ultra compact 9mm 13+1 with absolutely no issues.... Literary none. Bravo to bersa for understanding what actually matters in firearms, what is effective is all that matters. My 380 cc is my pocket light carry, 9mm is for more clothing, have a taurus 1911 and judge public defender for hd and my "revolver shotgun" for off hand hd (btw taurus has improved a lot recently). My hunting kit is larue predatar 556 16" middy with kel tec pmr 30 and my family is completely uniform. Trust bersa with my life and my does too. If you have any doubts comparing any bersa to another, do yourself a favor, save several hundred dollars and know that when you need it, it will always go bang and hit its mark. Simply effective.

Apr 02, 2012
I have a Bersa Ultra Carry Pro 9
by: Ed

I like the way it shoots and every time I shoot it I am more impressed solid is the word. I have a Glock 27 40cal and have loved it now I have a very good Bersa and loving it and with no problems at all. I really like shooting in and has tight groups for me that is amazing. I'm a Bersa fan my frinds have had the 380's and that was what impressed me about Bersa a very fine gun in my opinion.

Mar 26, 2012
by: Clark LEwis

Bersa is now making all Thunder 9, 40, and 45's with dovetail rear and front sights fully compatable with the SIG 220/226 starting these serial numbers:

Thunder 45 UC starting from serial # A76136
Thunder 9 & 40 HC # A80227
Thunder 9 & 40 UC # A80077

Mar 26, 2012
rear sight question.
by: hobbles

Mornin Boys,
I am thinkin about getting a Bersa 9 pro but am not happy with not being able to adjust the rear sight, I understand they come with a combat sight setup, but my problem is I shoot puter paper size targets more then man size targets. I hear [url=]these[/url] fit the older Bersa weapons but not the new ones. Does anyone know of a adjustable rear sight that will fit the newer models??

Jan 06, 2012
Bersa Thunder 9UC, Thunder 380
by: Roger M

I first purchased the Thunder 380, still have it, still shoot it & still like it. It's a keeper! My Thuder 9UC has just over 500 rounds through it. I reload & have tried everything from 88gr FMJ to 125LRN with never a misfire, or jam. They are both incredibly reliable, just what you want in a quality CCW gun. For "pretty" I have a Taurus PT92AFS, 9mm, the stainless/shiny alloy full size model, also a reliable weapon, but too big for daily carry, but a great "house gun!" I regularly shoot all 3 of them and can attest to their durability and quality!

Nov 04, 2011
bersa 40 uc
by: ed

i recently purchased mine and have shot a hundred rounds so far. very tight groups at 40 yards but a little low. i think thats me being new to pistols. otherwise very impressed. i pd 450 for it and very happy

Oct 04, 2011
Thrilled with Bersa
by: Anonymous

I have a Thunder .380 for CC and a Thunder .22 for plinking. Never a single FTE or FTF. My next fire arm purchase will be the Thunder Pro, HC based solely on the performance of my two current Bersa pistols. Excellent value and dependability!

Apr 27, 2011
Bersa Thunder
by: Donzo

I own the Bersa Thunder .380.....Love it....and it REALLY is a great shooting,very accurate gun.....Yup!!

Feb 26, 2011
Superb Handgun
by: Anonymous

Own the Thunder 9 HC. Excellent firearm, shoots excellent and troublefree. The Hyundai of handguns.

Dec 20, 2010
Bersa 380
by: Anonymous

I have a Bersa thunder 380 CC and absolutely love it. I am going to check out the Pro HC and if it anything like the 380 in satisfaction I will buy it. They are hard to find in Connecticut. Haven't found one in stock yet.

Dec 14, 2010
by: robert

me and my wife both carry bersa guns ,they shot well,fit in my hand comfortable,I like how easy they are to clean also.

Dec 04, 2010
That helped.
by: Richard

Going to a gunshow today and have been thinking of looking at Bersa's. The review helped, now I will definitely check them out.

Dec 03, 2010
by: Randy

I am nit surprised. I carry the Bersa thunder .380.
Have for 2 years. carrys well, shoots fantastic

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