9mm Llama Max I L/F (large frame)

by D. Wright
(Houston, TX)

Not sure if this counts as a review. It seems that most gun magazines are filled with articles about the latest and greatest innovations in guns for concealed carry or guns intended for target sport shooting. (Cowboy action, IDPA, etc.) I don't know about a lot of you, but I enjoy going to gun shows and seeing the odd-ball stuff! Even the "Saturday night specials" have their place in a category of interest.

For concealed carry purposes or sport shooting, I certainly want to have the most reliable, safe, yet reasonably priced firearm that I can get. It would be nice to own all Glocks, Kimbers, Colts, Wilson Combats, etc. I haven't arrived to the point where I can just pick up a name brand gun without having to seriously consider the impact on my checkbook... or my "kitchen pass"!

Let's step back in time to when we were all younger and began our fascination with firearms. Think back when you found a deal on a cheap little gun at a garage sale or visited a pawn shop and became mesmerized by the engineering wonder of even a cheap, no-name gun.

Just the other day, I traded a very reliable... very nice shooting little Taurus PT709 Slim for a questionable, Llama Micromax .380. I knew in my HEAD that the Taurus was the superior firearm... that Llamas are discontinued... that parts are hard to find. However, I was mesmerized by this tiny little copy of the 1911 design! Fortunately, I was given the chance to try it at the range before agreeing to the deal with my buddy.

The little pistol shot to the left but fired every round through a box of 50 with no failures of any kind. So I went ahead with the exchange and now have this interesting little .380. I went to the web to Google it and read lots of disparaging remarks about Llamas. But then again, some really liked their pistols.

Another interesting example is a friend of mine who has a friend who is a gun dealer. He stumbled on a little Makarov 9mm knockoff for about $100. Neat little pistol and not much money invested. Not much collector's value in some of these, and I wouldn't want to put thousands of rounds through them. But it is interesting to collect some of the cheap old guns. I'd like to see one of the mainstream gun rags feature some articles about obscure firearms... junk or treasure?

I would also like to read about others who have had experiences... good or bad... with old and discontinued firearms.


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